Why Typical Dating Apps Are Wasting Your Time

Take a look at the couples around you, and you’d see that the happy relationships are built around compatible personalities. Couples who built strong relationships have compatible or complementary personalities as the foundation to build their enduring love.

The problem is that dating apps today focus only on superficial appearances, instead of compatibility in personalities.

Regardless of whether it was love at first sight, appearances alone are not sufficient to build a lasting relationship. Visual attraction may get the ball rolling, but a love relationship requires constant interaction – and that requires both parties to be compatible in character, interest and in their thinking.

Why do dating apps force you to make snap judgements by swiping profile photos? After matching up, you spend a lot of time trying to know the other party better, only to drop further communication when you find you’re not mutually compatible. The process starts again, with you swiping mindlessly through profile photos and starting the mind-numbing chats all over again.

The problem is that dating apps today focus only on superficial appearances, instead of compatibility in personalities. In life, people are attracted to each other through social interactions. As a guy, I may be attracted to this girl who’s working out at the gym and she’s really funny. Or maybe I really like this girl who shares the same interest in gaming as I do. But I won’t know all these from using dating apps – I’d probably swipe past their profile photos in search of some super gorgeous women, because that’s what the apps program me to do – keep swiping based on appearances.

Think of all the lost possibilities because dating apps focus on superficial appearances instead of user personalities.

And that is why Klick was created – as a dating app which focuses on personalities first, rather than profile photos. It is the first dating app with a social space to allow users to interact casually, instead of chatting one-to-one in their own profile page silos.

Interact casually in a social space
Klick features various channels for interests and casual chats so you can connect with like-minded users. Love travel, photography, cooking or dogs? Just pop into the relevant channel and start chatting! You don’t need clever pick-up lines – just start casual conversations over common interests like, “Hey I really love the meringue cake you made… any tips to make it look so good?” or “Nice dog you have! Is she a basset hound?”

Express your personality and promote yourself
Ran a marathon? Went café-hopping? Had something interesting for lunch? Post updates and pro-actively bump your visibility to the front of the queue, instead of being lumped together with everyone else. Your fate is in your hands!

Your profile becomes ever more interesting
Your posts are updated automatically to your profile, so you become more interesting with every post! Saw someone interesting? Click on their profile to see all their posts to gain a better understanding of their personalities. If you like what you see, send chat requests!

Don’t waste time on FAQs
Don’t you just hate it when every dating app conversation starts with the typical FAQ like, “What do you do on weekends?” or “What movies do you like?” It can get tiresome really quickly when you are on many chats. On Klick, you have a much better understanding of the other users’ personality or likes from their posts, and have meaningful and interesting conversations. It is also much more likely that you’re starting a conversation with someone whom you can connect with!

Communicate to all
Let’s say you went on a hiking trip last weekend. With traditional dating apps, you’d have to repeat the same story to all the users you’re currently chatting with. With Klick, you just need to post photos of your adventures, and everyone will know of your escapade. There’s no need to repeat your story in private chats, and you’ve just reached out to every user interested in the same topic as you. How’s that for efficient dating?

Express yourself on a dating app and connect with like-minded singles. Download Klick today!