Secrets to Getting Over a Broken Relationship

It is never easy to get over a failed relationship, but when things do not work out as they should, it is important to know how to move on and not dwell on the past. Studies have shown that it takes an average of 11 weeks to get over a relationship, although some of us might feel that it takes forever! Here are some tips to get over a heartbreak:

Now that there is a vacancy in your life, you want to keep the spot for someone who really deserves to be there

Don’t set a timeline for yourself
Every relationship is unique, and everyone is different. The time to heal a heartbreak will vary, so don’t be pressurized to set a timeline for yourself. Factors such as the length of the relationship, memories and experiences, and intensity of your emotions will all affect the time you take to heal. So don’t make the recovery process worse by insisting to yourself that you will get over it by a certain time.

Time will heal everything
It sounds like a cliché, but it is true. Given enough time, the memories of the past relationship will start to fade, as you move on and allow more experiences and people to enter your life. During quiet moments, you may still experience some sadness thinking about the past, but it will gradually get less and less often, and with lower intensity.

Reconnect with family and friends
When you’re in a relationship, it is likely that you’ve placed your family and friends on the backburner. It is time to reconnect with them, as you rebuild the relationships in your life. Your family and friends will always be there for you, and catching up with them helps you find new meaning and connections in your life. It is important to remain positive during this time, and avoid voicing your grievances to them. Hang out with your family and friends, or take a short trip – it helps you take your mind off the relationship and find meaning again.

Don’t rush into a new relationship.
This is so common they have a name for it, and it’s called “rebound”. When things come crashing all around us, it is easy and tempting to find someone that we can cling on to and retain some semblance of our previous lifestyle. You don’t want to watch a movie alone, eat by yourself or come back to an empty home, so when you see someone who comes along who can possibly be your partner, you leap at the opportunity to fill the void in your life. Don’t! You really don’t want to jump into another relationship when you’re emotionally unstable, because you may end up being hurt again. Now that there is a vacancy in your life, you want to keep the spot for someone who really deserves to be there, so you never need to go through another heartbreak.

Occupy your life.
Fill your life with activity and meaning, and you will not have much time for heartaches. Most often, memories of our broken relationship haunts us when we are alone and not doing anything much. By actively occupying your life with more programs and people, you not only squeeze out the opportunities for heartaches to haunt you, you are proactively setting up more chances to meet new friends who may very well become someone important in your life. So remember to keep an open mindset and positive attitude, and move on to a better relationship!

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