How to Sound Confident in Front of Your Love Interest

1. Imagine yourself as his or her equal.
Very so often, we may find ourselves tongue-tied in front of someone we really like. “I’m not sure if I deserve him/her…” and we start tripping on our words. If you want to sound confident in front of your love interest, you need to get over this mental block. You need to imagine yourself as his/her equal, and behave like you’re talking to a friend. There is really nothing to be nervous about!

2. Mentally rehearse each sentence.
Before you speak, take a brief moment to imagine, in brief, what you’re about say aloud. That pause makes you seem thoughtful and wise.

3. Speak from your chest not your throat or nose.
If you move your voice down into your chest, you’ll sound (and feel) more confident.

4. Speak 20 percent slower than seems natural.
People with real expertise tend to speak a bit slowly, as if they expect their listeners to hang on every word.

5. Eliminate your verbal ticks.
Some people use verbal ticks (“Uhhh….,” “you know…,” “I mean…, etc.) while thinking of what to say next. This makes you sound like you’re unsure of yourself, so it’s better simply to silently pause in midsentence.

6. Never articulate a statement as a question.
A little uptick at the end of a sentence transforms even a definitive statement into a plea for approval. If you’re confident, you make statements that reflect your knowledge and opinion. If you’ve got a question, you ask a question. No mixing the two.