How Do You Keep a Conversation Going?

You know the scenario. You meet someone whom you’re interested at a party or event, and you start talking to him or her. But very soon you run out of things to say, and there was awkward silence. And before you know it, one of you says, “Hey I got to talk to someone else… catch you around later!”, and your love interest walks out of your life… forever.

How do you keep a conversation going? How do you not run out of questions, or bore the other person with mundane comments? Keeping a conversation interesting is an art, but it is something that you can master, with a little help and practice.

The secret is to get the other person to share about themselves. Everyone’s favourite conversation topic is about themselves. By using this technique you say very little, but then the other person subject is encouraged to open up to you. By giving them the chance to open up and talk about something they love doing by asking the right questions, the conversation could go on and on and on.

To do so, you can use the FEW (Fact, Emotion, Why) steps formula:

F – Fact: You start off by learning a fact about the person
Q: Samantha, what do you do during the weekends?
A: Oh, I love spending time with my dog, so I bring her out for long walks.

E – Emotion: Ask a question based on an emotion. How they feel about the fact?
Q: That’s nice! How do you like the walks?
A: I don’t have much time for my dog during weekdays, so the walks are a great way for me to connect with her. It’s really therapeutic to take her to the park and engage with her.

W – Why: Find out why they feel that way about the fact
Q: It sounds amazing. What is it about the walks that you love?
A: I think it’s the peace and quiet of the walks, away from the crowds. I really love it when I see how much she enjoys exploring nature.

And you can continue another round by asking her another fact, such as the location of the walks. So you see… with a little practice, you can stay engaged with the person you’re interested in, and learn more about him or her! Awkward silence during conversations should be a thing of the past, so start do try this technique the next time you start a chat on Klick!