Getting Yourself Noticed Online

Getting Yourself Noticed Online

Creating a profile on Klick is like sending out your resumes for a job interview. Sure you put in some effort in creating your resumes, but are they enough to get you noticed? We’ve compiled some tips to help you improve your chances of catching the attention of someone special!

Post photos representative of yourself
Pick a selection of photos that are representative of yourself, ranging from close-ups to full-body shots. Studies have shown that having a full or half-body shot significantly increases the chance of being noticed.

You may be missing out on opportunities by not paying enough attention to filling up your profile.

Get a friend who can help you take some good casual photos, and post at least three to four recent photos of yourself. It may be fun to add dog ears to your photo, but keep them for your social media photos rather than using them for profile photos. Your prospective dates would like to see a real photo of you instead.

Be the only person in the picture
This is a common mistake – posting photos that include your friends. Other users will have to spend time trying to figure out which one in the photo you are. And make sure that you’re clearly visible in the photos – a tiny representation of you against the pyramids is great for your blog, but the others would rather see a clearer photo of you.

Provide a good profile
Imagine if you’re hiring someone, and the resume is sketchy and incomplete. How would that affect your perception of that person? You may be missing out on opportunities by not paying enough attention to filling up your profile.

Some people get discouraged by the process of filling in the details, but it is something you do properly once and get rewarded for the months down the road. If you find yourself attracted to someone who has an interesting profile, it is the same for others reading your profile, so make yours interesting and complete!

Don’t be afraid to make the first move
Often people are afraid to make the first move. Men who feel that they don’t stand a chance, and ladies who feel they may come across as too desperate. The truth is that many eligible ladies are waiting for nice guys to message them, and some lament that they are bypassed for other ladies because some guys get intimidated.

On the other hand, men usually get significantly less messages than ladies, so ladies who message guys actually stand a high chance of going out on a date! So regardless you are a guy or lady, don’t be afraid to make the first move. There is really nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

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