7 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Chance of a Relationship

1. You are lazy.
You tell yourself it’s not working out, and you stop posting updates or sending chats on Klick. You think you’re special and fate will lead your love to you somehow, because #destiny. Actually you’re too lazy to do anything about finding love, even as you’re moping about how nobody pays attention to you. Wake up – you’re in competing with millions of people looking for love, so stop being lazy! Be proactive and start reaching out to other singles!

2. You lack focus.
You don’t know what you want, and you start chatting with everyone. You have only so much time and energy, so focus your attention on people whom you can really connect with, instead of spreading your effort across too many singles. If you’re on Klick, check out the posts of singles who share common interest, and start chatting with them.

3. You are too isolated; get out and meet new people!
Yes, we’d love you to find your special one on Klick. But we dearly want you to succeed, so do join more activities and widen your social circle. You’d never know where or when your love will walk into your life.

4. You fear rejection.
Ask yourself “What have you got to lose?” If the answer is a potential love partner for life, then you know there is too much at stake to just give up easily!

5. You give up too easily.
So you sent out ten chat messages and didn’t receive any reply, and you’re on your way to deleting Klick? If your first ten resumes didn’t get you any interviews, do you just stop looking for work? No! You persevere and continue to work on your profile/resume,

6. You whine too much.
Seriously stop. Complaining will not help you find a relationship. Use that energy and time to improve yourself and increase your visibility.

7. You are waiting for the perfect person.
There is no such thing as a perfect person. The only reason why a relationship is perfect is because both parties never give up and never stop working on it together.