7 Practical Tips to Building Self-confidence

Unless you have an ego like Tony Stark, most of us will benefit from reinforcing our self-confidence every now and then. Failures and disappointments we experience in life erodes our confidence along the way, and we all know that self-confidence plays a huge part in how we are perceived by others.

It helps if you have the body of a Greek god and the wealth of a shipping magnate, but even the greatest will have their own insecurities. Here are are some easy ways in which you can build your self-confidence, which will go a long way in ensuring success in your work life and love life!

Start with small things
As the saying goes, “the journey of a thousand miles start with a single step”. Start with little things that you are capable of handling, and give yourself a pat on the back with every little success. If you’re overweight and want to take up running, start walking the route first. You have already achieved your first victory by wearing your sneakers and getting out of the house. Remind yourself how great a feat that is, because many others will not even bother to get out of their couch. “Way to go, tiger! Now for our next goal!”

A confident person speaks slowly and deliberately, letting his points sink in.

Knowledge is confidence
If I were to question you on matters relating to your work, you’d doubtlessly be very confident in the discussion. And that is because you are the expert in the area and your knowledge empowers you in our discussion. Knowledge is confidence, and the more you know, the more confident a person you become. Enrich your knowledge of the world by reading at every opportunity, and you will find your self-confidence expanding exponentially.

Dress well
Dressing well builds confidence. In a series of social experiments, researchers have found that a well-dressed person elicits more courteous response from others, and that boosts the esteem of the individual. You don’t need to sashay around in a Tom Ford outfit, but it helps if you groom yourself well and avoid dressing tardily. When others see that you respect yourself with proper grooming and dressing, they will in turn respect you as well.

Don’t slouch!
Slouching is a psychological reflection of your confidence and energy level. Winners strut about with their backs straight up and shoulders square, showing the world the confidence they have to take on any challenges. When you straighten up, you will dramatically increase your self-confidence without even trying! It is your sub conscience telling the world that you are ready to stand up to any challenge in life.

Slow down your speech
Listen to how statespersons like Lee Kwan Yew and Barack Obama speak. Do they rush their words or do they speak with deliberation? A person lacking in self-confidence may rattle off his sentence because he subconsciously feels his words are not worth listening to and a waste of his audience’s time. A confident person speaks slowly and deliberately, letting his points sink in, choosing his prose carefully and pausing to let the audience hang on to every word. It requires practice to achieve a comfortable pace, but it works wonders in improving your self-confidence.

Look at others in the eye
The alpha animals in a pack sees prolonged eye-contact as a challenge to their leadership, so it is a basic instinct to avoid extended eye-contact. If you want to build confidence, practice maintaining eye contact in a conversation. It helps you come across as a confident and sincere person or leader. In contrast, people with the tendency to avoid eye-contact are seen as shifty and lacking confidence.

Speak confident
Confident people appear to be so because they speak confidently. Speak up and be heard, make decisions and avoid being wishy-washy, and stop under-selling yourself. If someone compliments you for a great job, accept the compliment instead of attributing it to luck.

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