6 Ways to Make an Impression on Someone You’re Interested In

Communication is a complex subject that has been studied by behaviourists and researchers for decades. Why is it that some individuals can leave a deep impression, while we can hardly remember meeting some other people? How can you create a charismatic presence when you meet someone, especially when it is a person you wish to impress?

The answer is actually simpler than you might imagine. Communication is made up of both verbal and non-verbal cues, so it is not just a matter of what you say, but also the manner in which you’re saying it. We remember charismatic individuals not because they said something especially brilliant or clever, but for the energy and presence that they emit while communicating.

If there is someone you’re interested in, it will be worth your while to learn some basic communication tricks that will help you leave a positive impression on his or her mind. The good news is that the following five tips are not difficult to master at all – you just need to be conscious of them, and keep practicing.

So here are six ways to make an impression on someone you’re interested in…

1. Look at the person in the eye
The eye is the window to the soul. More often than not, we depend on the gaze of a person to determine if a person is trustworthy, sleazy, intelligent, enthusiastic or suspicious. If someone is always looking down or away when talking, you will probably feel that the person is dis-interested or hiding something.

On the contrary, if he or she looks at you in the eye while talking, you will feel engaged and think that the person is really interested in what you’re saying. Maintaining eye contact is one of the easiest body language to tell the other party that you’re interested in him or her, along with the occasional head nodding and smile.

2. Be more energetic
Energy is contagious. If you’re speaking with low energy, you sound dis-interested and generally boring. Check out how charismatic people communicate – they are pumped and full of energy, which conveys their self-confidence. Smiling, demonstrating positive energy and exuding confidence make a huge difference in your charisma, so be sure to speak like you’re talking about something that you’re deeply passionate about.

3. Say the other person’s name
As narcissistic as it sounds, researchers have discovered that nothing catches the attention of a person like the sound of their names. Perhaps this is why our ears perk up when someone else mentions our names in their conversations.

When you use the person’s name in your conversation with him/her, it shows respect, acceptance and friendliness. Do it sparingly though – you don’t want it to feel forced! It may feel weird to you at first, but with practice the skill will come naturally. “Karen, thanks for the recommendation. It really means a lot to me!” It’s not that difficult really!

4. Use confidence-boosting body language
Psychologists have found that up to 80% of our impression of a person comes from non-verbal cues, such as posture, body language and the way they dress. To appear confident, be sure to stand up straight, make occasional gestures and eye contact. Slouching is a big no-no, and many of us do that unconsciously, so be sure to check yourself from time to time. Pace yourself when talking and make sure to catch your breath – don’t talk too fast or run out of breath. That’s a sure fire way of coming across as a unconfident individual!

5. Make sure to listen
This is probably one of the easiest and yet most effective tip to make an impression on the person you’re interested in – let them talk while you listen! People sub-consciously love to talk about themselves, so you should be aware of this tendency in two ways. First, let the person share more about themselves while you listen. And second, listen for the sake of understanding, not to reply or share more information about yourself.

Just like he/she loves to talk about themselves, you would likely want to do so in response to what you are hearing. But don’t let your eagerness to speak prevent you from hearing what they are saying. You can certainly speak up (it’d be weird if they are doing all the talking), but be sure to pay attention to what they are saying.

“I remembered you said you liked this restaurant, so why not we go there this evening?” Nothing is more impressive that you bringing up something they mentioned previously, because it proves that you’re listening to him or her.

6. Stand for something; show your individuality
Think about all the interesting people you know, and recall what you remember about them. In all likelihood, you remember them for their passion and individuality. Pete is all about his diving adventures and environmental protectionism, Carrie is a fashionista, James loves his motorcycles, Jamie can bake like nobody else can… and the list goes on. How do you want to be memorable? If you don’t have a passion for life, if you don’t stand for anything, it is difficult to make an impression on others.

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