6 Qualities in Men that Women Find Attractive

Different ladies may have different criteria they look for in a male partner, but there are some common traits which most women find in men. The good news is that unlike gorgeous appearances or a rich bank account, most of these qualities are actually very achievable for the average man! Here are the secret 6 qualities you should strive to achieve:

1. He has manners.
Remember that “Manners maketh man”? Being respectful to others, especially to people who can do nothing for him – shows a lot about his personality. Is he only nice and courteous to his bosses or clients? Or does he extend the same regard to waiters and the janitor? It shows if he’s truly a nice person who can respect the people around him. Women also watch if a guy is respectful to his parents, because if he cannot even respect his own parents, she wouldn’t count on him to respect herself.

2. He is confident.
It’s nice to consult the ladies on plans, but women love a man who is confident and can make decisions. Replying “I’m ok with anything” or “Up to you” can actually be a turn-off if done too often, as it signals that the guy is incapable of making decisions or plans. Women like men who can make decisions and plans, so don’t be afraid to say, “I know this really great place for Italian food. Shall we go there?” You’re not forcing your opinion on her – you’re showing her you have opinions.

It’s amazing how many ladies fall for guys who knows how to be funny and make them laugh

3. He has interests.
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Women like men with some personality, and their interests reflect that. Whether a guy likes running, cooking or reading, it makes him a more interesting personality than someone who has no hobbies.

4. He’s the same person – no matter who’s around.
Ladies want a guy whom they can trust, and that means they want someone who is genuine. A guy who behaves the same around his family, friends or colleagues puts the ladies at ease, because he is a genuine person who does not put on an act. They feel secure that they are not dating a pretentious person who puts on different faces depending on who they meet, and it makes them feel assured that they know the real you.

5. He has a sense of humour.
A man with a sense of humour is a smart guy, because it takes intelligence to be witty. It shows the ladies that your mind is thinking ahead, or between the lies, and that you can see the funny parts in life. Everybody loves good a good sense of humour, and it’s amazing how many ladies fall for guys who knows how to be funny and make them laugh. Just make sure your humour is not self-depreciatory or at the expense of someone else (that’s just plain offensive).

6. He lends a listening ear.
Many guys have a problem with this – when someone tells them anything, they assume that the other part is asking them for a solution. Stop! Ladies love guys who can just lend a listening ear for them to vent their frustration or worries. They may not be asking for a solution – just having someone to listen helps alleviate their concerns.

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