6 Dating Tips for Introverts

As an introvert, we are a highly maligned group of people. Society thinks we hate people and we want to be left alone, and they cannot be more wrong. Perhaps we do enjoy our personal time more, but like everyone else, we do enjoy the company of people – the right kind of company. Contrary to popular belief, we are not loners, but if there’s anything that sets us apart from the congenial extroverts, it is that we are not terribly good at pretending we’re interested when we’re not.

It would definitely be traumatic for us to be stuck in a first date with someone whom we fail to connect with. Which explains why we can be so fearful to commit to meeting up. We try so hard to make sure that the other party is someone who is interesting to us, before we even consider meeting up for a date. It is much easier to learn the other party’s personality on Klick compared to other dating apps, where we hardly know anything about the users other than their profile photos.

Even when we know the other person is possibly someone we want to meet up with, the first date still presents stress and pressure. We have to figure out what to do and say on a date to make ourselves sound interesting, and god forbid – make a fool out of ourselves! But dates should be enjoyable experiences, and here are some dating tips to take the stress and awkwardness out of that first date:

1. Do something short and fun

Make your first date short and sweet, so you can arrange to meet up again if you find the other party interesting. Introverts always have the fear of not having something to say, and the awkwardness of silence hangs in the back of the mind. A good idea for the first date can be heading to the movies or comedy show, and perhaps go for coffee or drinks after that. It reduces the amount of time you need to speak, and the show provides some common materials for you to talk about.

If you pick a place or activity you’re comfortable with, you put less stress on yourself

2. Just be yourself
It’s common to want to impress someone whom we have just met, but that would be a big mistake. This is a date, not an interview, so you should never set yourself up to give an impression of someone you’re not. After all, if you do end up going for more dates, you want the relationship to proceed being your true self. Don’t give yourself unnecessary stress by putting on a front – just be yourself!

3. Choose something you’re familiar with
If it is up to you, pick some place or some activity you’re familiar with. When it comes to sports, teams playing on home ground have the advantage because it is their territory. They know how everything works, and they are comfortable in the place. Likewise, if you pick a place or activity you’re comfortable with, you put less stress on yourself. You don’t need to find out how to get to the place, what food is there, what you can do there. It boosts your self-confidence and lets you focus on the date, making the event much more enjoyable and giving you more control over how it turns out.

4. Plan ahead
A huge part of fear and pressure comes from handling the unknowns, and you can defuse a lot of the stress by planning beforehand and taking the necessary actions ahead of time. For example, if you’re going for dinner, you can make the reservations in advance to guarantee yourselves a table. If you’re going for a movie, book your tickets ahead to get good seats in the house. What you want to do is think ahead and reduce the amount of uncertainty, so you don’t need to stress out during the date.

5. Ask open-ended questions
It takes skills to be able to engage in great conversations easily, and that will take lots of practice and time. However, one easy and sure-fire way to have quality conversations is to ask open-ended questions instead of close-ended ones. For example, instead of asking, “Do you like pets?” which may lead to closed “yes/no” kind of answers, try asking, “What is your opinion of people who keep pets?” Open-ended questions lead to easier conversations on your part, and the answers help you learn more about the person you’re on a date with.

6. Do your homework
Since you’re going for your first date with the other party, he or she is a stranger. But not totally a stranger, since you have conversed enough with the other party to set up a date. Based on what you already know about him or her, do your research on some of the things that they are interested in. For example, if he/she likes baking, research some basic info about baking that you can bring up in a conversation.

If you’re on Klick, simply check out their profiles and see the photos they posted in the various channels. The posts will give you a very good idea about their personalities and preferences, providing lots of potential materials for your conversation. “I saw your post about hiking to Mount Bromo last month. I’m thinking about planning a trip too… do you have any good tips for me?” It is much easier to have a meaningful conversation the more you know about the person you’re going on a date with!

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