5 Reasons You Can’t Find a Soul Mate

1. You’re not willing to “hustle”
You believe in destiny and fate, and you believe that your soul mate will just walk into your life. You’re content with swiping profile photos, and you won’t take the effort to share updates of yourself in Klick to connect with like-minded singles, even though you are posting on Instagram every day. You don’t put in the effort to find the partner of your dreams, and yet you bemoan the quality of users that dating apps are sending your way.

2. You let bad relationship experiences bring you down
So you had bad experiences with relationships. Some people have the mental resolve to keep going, to learn and grow from all that. But not you. You just want to roll over and quit.

3. You give up at the first sign of adversity
You think you’re not interesting or good looking enough, and there’s no way you can find a soul mate. The odds are stacked against you, even though friends in similar situations have found their soul mates because they’re “lucky”. You’ve given up on dating, and you’re not enlarging your social circle.

4. You don’t “eat rejection for breakfast”
You sent a handful of chats, but nobody responded. You posted a couple of updates on Klick, and nobody liked the posts. You feel dejected and stop trying, and you wonder why you’re not going anywhere.

5. You’re not willing to “trust the process”
You’ve been chatting and posting updates on Klick for a few weeks, and you haven’t gone out on a date. You start thinking that the process is not working for you, and you give up chatting and posting. It shouldn’t be this difficult finding a soul mate, you think.

The truth is – nothing worth doing is ever easy. To find a soulmate you want to spend the rest of your life with is one of the most challenging things in life. If you want to find a perfect companion, you got to be willing to put in the effort to put yourself out there. Showcase your personality by posting about yourself on Klick, start talking to users whose post intrigue you and get to know them. Many of them won’t work out, but keep trying and never give up. Your soulmate won’t walk into your life just like that – reach out!