5 Fool Proof Tips for Anxiety-Free First Dates

The first date with someone can be stressful, but it needn’t be. Follow the 5 tips we’ve laid out for you to overcome your anxiety, and you will find yourself meeting more people!

1) Be yourself
Imagine meeting someone whom you discover is not what he or she seems on the first few dates. Nobody likes to be fooled by false appearances, so always be yourself. If you’re a sporty and carefree person, there is no need to pretend to be classy or demure on your first date. Both parties will appreciate frankness and honesty in order to move on for subsequent dates. But this is no excuse to be turning up with unkempt hair or acting crass – be yourself, not be at home! Be honest with your date in terms of your personality – both parties will be grateful for the chance to determine the compatibility in personalities.

If you have a common interest with your date, your first meeting could involve doing something together.

2) Do your research
We’re not advocating you to be a creep and stalk your date! But you will come across as much more interesting if you know your date’s preference and do some research so your conversations do not end up as a series of dead-end questions. Don’t pretend to be an expert on the topic, but your date will be much impressed if you have a little knowledge about his or her passions.

3) Who pays the dinner bill?
This is a tricky one, but you have to play by ear if your first date is over a dinner. As a guy, you may want to impress your date by volunteering to pay the bill, but the modern lady may want to go dutch to assert her independence. For ladies, you should not expect your date to foot the bill in case you come across as someone after a free lunch. At the very least, propose going dutch and see if your date insists on paying. Ladies may not want to feel indebted on the first date, so it is really your call.

4) Have fun!
If you have a common interest with your date, your first meeting could involve doing something together. For example, if both of you like arts, schedule an outing for an arts exhibition instead of a dinner. It will provide plenty of conversation topics, so there’s less pressure on both parties. Catch up for a coffee after the exhibition to chat, and you will have a lovely date to remember!

5) A date is not a job interview
You’re not going for an interview, so there’s no need to tell your date everything about yourself including your academic grades or past jobs. Feel free to share relevant information about yourself as the conversation goes on, but be sure not to keep droning about yourself. Ask intelligent questions about your date to find out more, but avoid sensitive topics such as salary or past relationships.

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