10 Secrets Behind Every Happy Relationship

Some couples seem to be so compatible and happy it seems to come naturally, but behind every happy relationship is a lot of hard work that both parties need to put it. Some things like honesty and communication may seem obvious, but others are not so straightforward. Here are the top 10 secrets you need to understand to build a happy relationship with your loved one!

1. Learn to communicate
Communication is key to any happy relationship, and the reason is simple. Behind every relationship, there are expectations. When the expectations are not met, it becomes very important to communicate to the other party, instead of brooding or attributing negative reasons why the expectations are not met. Being able to communicate accurately and in a positive manner is an important skill in maintaining happy relationships.

2. Keep your personal space
A strong relationship is a tricky act of spending enough time together, and yet making room for yourselves. What this means is that both parties should always allocate enough time and space to be yourself, do the things you love, and hang out with your friends. When you have the space and time for yourself, you will feel more fulfilled when spending time with your partner.

3. Have a realistic view of relationships
It will never be sunny and happy always, or happily ever after. A relationship is always a continuous negotiation between two individuals, and sometimes talks do break down. It is important to realize that, and not to expect the honeymoon period to last forever, because it won’t. After the initial infatuation period, you become more comfortable with each other and perhaps each other’s idiocrasies become less adorable than before. The critical thing is to learn to work out solutions instead of wishing things were back to the romantic period.

Couples can get too comfortable with each other over time, until they take each other for granted.

4. Learn to handle differences
Most of the happy couples are happy because of their differences, not in spite of them. They are able to harness their differences to complement each other, instead of letting the differences keep them apart. They appreciate that the other party is different, and try to see the beauty in the differences. This is an important point because you will never be able to find someone exactly like yourself, so the ability to accept and find beauty in your differences will be key to maintaining a happy relationship.

5. Keep working on the relationship
Relationship is like a muscle – it needs constant work out to be in the best shape! The challenges in life will put a strain on your relationship, and it is up to both of you to tackle life head-on like mature adults. A happy relationship does not happen by itself – both parties have to put in a lot of hard work to maintain it! As soon as either party become lazy and take things for granted, the relationship goes downhill.

6. Be honest
Happy couples trust each other in a relationship. Without trust and honesty, it is impossible for happiness to exist. How can one be happy not knowing if the other party is honest with what they are saying or doing? Alas, trust takes years to build but only a moment to shatter. It takes a very long time to regain lost trust, or it might even be impossible. Happy couples know this, and they work hard to maintain and strengthen the trust in a relationship.

7. Don’t expect your partner to change
You probably heard of the joke, “Women marry their men hoping they’ll change but they don’t; men marry their women thinking they won’t change but they do.” It is dangerous going into a relationship anticipating your partner will change for you. If you don’t like what you’re seeing in the beginning of a relationship, ask yourself if you can accept it if your partner doesn’t change. Don’t set yourself up for failure with unrealistic expectations, especially if your partner is not aware that they’re expected to change at the start.

8. Never take each other for granted
It is very common for unhappy couples to complain that their other half treats his or her friends or family much better than them. Of course, this didn’t happen at the start of the relationship. Couples can get too comfortable with each other over time, until they take each other for granted. Remind yourself of the time when you first got together, and learn how to maintain the respect that you have for each other through the relationship.

9. Spend time together
The reason why long-distance relationships are difficult is that the couple is not spending enough time together, which leads to the two parties leading separate lives and having difference experiences. The bond becomes weakened over time, and it becomes more challenging to communicate. Spend quality time together to build a strong bond, which will get you through life’s rough spots.

10. Agree to disagree
There are issues which can be rationalized, and then there are personal preferences. Being able to agree to disagree is an important skill for a happy relationship. There will be things which both of you will not be able to come to a consensus, or even compromise. How the couple resolve such disagreement will determine if they are able to have a happy relationship, be it through compromise or give and take.

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